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Free A/C Check

Automotive A/C Check

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There's a reason the first automotive air conditioning system appeared in the 1930s1, going on to become a staple in modern vehicles: no one likes sweating or freezing in their car. Today's A/C systems aren't prone to frequent problems, but it never hurts to be proactive before you end up with unpleasant smells, compressor leaks, clogs, or even rusting.

If you're experiencing problems now, like the cold air not being as cold as you remember it, then you definitely want your A/C system checked to locate the cause.

Air Conditioning knob in car not working

When Should I Get an A/C Check?

They say the best medicine is prevention. That goes for your car, too. Regular check ups can catch early signs of trouble, so you can correct the cause before it leads to bigger problems. Car and truck A/C checks might save you from driving in a hot vehicle with no air conditioning while your friends and family offer helpful advice like "you need to get this fixed."

As summer kicks into full swing, the team at Delaware Automotive Service would like to help you prevent A/C annoyances with a FREE A/C check. It's the perfect complimentary service to pair with your next oil change, or by itself if you're already current on your factory maintenance.

When should I get my next car or truck A/C check? Now with our free A/C check.

My Car A/C Isn't Working

Are you experiencing any of the following problems with your car A/C but aren't sure why:

  • My air conditioner isn't blowing cold air
  • My heat won't turn on
  • My A/C is blowing warm air instead of cool air
  • My A/C isn't blowing any air
  • My car or truck A/C compressor is leaking

Come in for your free A/C check. Our service technicians will identify the cause and provide the proper repair service so you can drive at a comfortable temperature again. We serve Delaware, OH, Lewis Center, OH, Sunbury, OH, Powell, OH, and surrounding areas.

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1Popular Science. 123 (5): 30. November 1933.

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